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The Wisps- An old piece of writing I quite like.

Rain was bucketing down from the clouds above, mist and fog spread through the city of Paris, the dark expanses of dirty, cold streets, grey, blank, as if everything had been de-saturated overnight. It was four in the morning, the streets were dead, almost as if the entire population of Paris had gone away for […]

Week 10 Reflection- Gallery

I didn’t visit the gallery with the group as i have been in my own time but these are my thoughts on the gallery itself. After hearing from a taxi driver on my way back from a drunken night in town, that the impressions gallery in Bradford was ‘ very much worth a visit mate.’ i somehow […]


For seven weeks this summer, East London,( Stratford specifically) my former home, hosted one of the greatest sporting events on the planet. The whole world gazed upon the glory of the Olympic park from the abstract ‘Orbit Tower’ to the sleek and graceful Velodrome. But what will happen to this massive expenditure now the games […]


What Kind of Journalist Am I?

As a journalist, i would say i am most interested in editorial criticism. What i mean by said term is, if i use football as an example, i don’t particularly enjoy being a play by play or colour commentator, or an interviewer after games, or a pundit. I enjoy the sort of post game, in […]