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Week 7 reflection

This week we started work on our list articles. I knew straight away that i wanted to do something about London as I have a trip planned, and plan to do something about the east end of London, as its received a lot of attention recently due to the Olympics. I didn’t find anything to challenging as I’m starting to get used to WordPress. The Assignment itself was not too much of […]

Week 4 Reflection

Week 4, being writing for online was something that interested me greatly, as the way in which a new post on the guardian website and one from their Paper, would have differed greatly before but i learnt that now the Guardian write everything for their website first and then it goes into their papers. The […]

Week 5 Reflection

This week was mainly working on my won as Karl wasn’t in but i learnt something new about photoshop, as in a new way to save images for the web. My only problem with this session is remembering to embed images properly instead of just copy pasting them into a wordpress post. Learning to use CSS was much harder […]

Week 6 Reflection

This week we learnt about secondary and primary sources and the ways in which they may be used within our journalism. We also discussed how to record interviews, different programs like athtek recorder for Skype, Dictaphones and adapters for recording through land-line telephones. The use of secondary sources confused me slightly at first and the amount of which i should use […]

Week 2 Reflection

Today we created our blogs on word press. As someone who has used blogging sites before i didn’t struggle with setting it up or using a new website, the only thing that gave me some trouble was picking a theme that suited me, and finding a URL that wasn’t too boring; which i don’t think i achieved.