week 4 reflection

The task this week was to create a timeline of photography from its earliest  primitive ways such as the camera lucida, all the way up to modern day, with several points of our own choice. I decided that calotype and daguerreotype were some of the most important discoveries in photography and also the invention of Photoshop being the last and major point that revolutionized the way we look at editing photography. I tried to stay away from any sort of photographers as they were less about the  techniques and hard ware of photography and more about the artists. While i could have ended my time line with the DSLR i felt that that was less important to me. As i have grown up into a world where DSLR’s are thought of as expensive but entirely normal for a professional photographer, I didn’t want to end on something that to me isn’t that incredible. Photoshop on the other hand is a marvel of technology, the fact that a single program can change the entire way we think about photos. It can take an image that i would normally reject and over exposed or too blurred, it can take that sub par image and create something that is entirely usable. It has also changed the way we think about photos, before Photoshop you would not question an image that was weird for example this. If you showed this to someone before the 1940’s they may think that it was some sort of freak rather than today when someone wouldn’t even question it because its obviously Photoshopped. Just knowing that we have a tool so powerful that it can make a picture of a women with mouths for eyes look entirely real, and then become so widely known for its accuracy and ease of use that people can recognise its work straight away is fascinating.


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