reflection week 2

This week we watched a video about David Hockney’s theory surrounding the camera lucida and camera obscura that led to a revolution in the level of realism that painters brought to their art. When this was released it brought with it alot of conflict as many people felt that they were having their favourite painters insulted by seeing their favourite  be ‘slandered’ by Hockney, saying they used separate tools to paint rather than pure skill, while Hockney said that it was incredibly odd to see this massive jump in skill from painters around the 1600’s when the camera and obscura came into the light. Vector in illustrator was confusing as I hadn’t touched illustrator before. While i have quite a lot of experience with Photoshop the way that illustrator works revolves around a similar set of tools on a slightly more complex scale, it seeming to me, to be a program more suited to creating magazines or publications with its function that lines up specific blocks of text or images perfectly, while Photoshop is much better for the editing of images. And of course the difference between bitmap and vector.


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