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Storytelling has been a part of human nature since the stone age. From cave paintings were drawn on walls, and stories were word of mouth, to the great Greek playwrights Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides who created the worlds first large scale dramas and plays to Shakespeare and Dickens. Storytelling has and always will be one of mankind’s greatest achievements, the ability […]

A Journey

The word journey can be widely interpreted to have a multitude of meanings for a wide range of people, but for my piece I’m going to choose Rob Reiner’s visualisation of Stephen King’s classic: The Body. The story of four young boys who set out to find a dead body, but on the way end up finding […]

Funniest comedians of the decade.

Three men who still have lasted through this decade the one before, and are still funnier than most other people around now. Stand up comedy has seen a large rise popularity over the last decade as shows like ‘Live at the Apollo’ have come into the spotlight on the BBC and with the advent of […]

Writing for online

Starbucks tax break. The gap between Starbucks’s turnover, and the amount  of tax it paid last year has made it the latest company to come under the light  for its lack of donations to Revenues & Customs. Costa Vs. Starbucks • Costa’s  sales was £337m March 3rd 2011 • Its tax bill came to £15m • 30.5% of […]