Monthly Archives: October 2012

Week 4 Reflection

Week 4, being writing for online was something that interested me greatly, as the way in which a new post on the guardian website and one from their Paper, would have differed greatly before but i learnt that now the Guardian write everything for their website first and then it goes into their papers. The […]

Week 5 Reflection

This week was mainly working on my won as Karl wasn’t in but i learnt something new about photoshop, as in a new way to save images for the web. My only problem with this session is remembering to embed images properly instead of just copy pasting them into a wordpress post. Learning to use CSS was much harder […]

Week 6 Reflection

This week we learnt about secondary and primary sources and the ways in which they may be used within our journalism. We also discussed how to record interviews, different programs like athtek recorder for Skype, Dictaphones and adapters for recording through land-line telephones. The use of secondary sources confused me slightly at first and the amount of which i should use […]

Week 2 Reflection

Today we created our blogs on word press. As someone who has used blogging sites before i didn’t struggle with setting it up or using a new website, the only thing that gave me some trouble was picking a theme that suited me, and finding a URL that wasn’t too boring; which i don’t think i achieved.

Social Comment

Bruce Davidson’s series; Subway, is a collection of images from the underground railway of New York City. During the 1980’s Davidson spent a large amount fo time capturing the dark, dangerous world of the subway. Shooting in colour, Davidson saw himself as a hunter stalking his prey. He soon sensed that the subway had its own peculiar psychology. “People in the […]

LoL Esports: An Interview with Travis Gafford

“If everyone is running towards this finish line, if  we’re all pulling out guns and shooting each other in the kneecaps, we’re never going to reach it.” On September 21st I interviewed Travis Gafford, a well known interviewer from the LoL E-sports scene, and host of his own panel talk shows, Who’s League is it Anyway […]

An image that freezes time.

I have chosen Eddie Adams’  “General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon” as my image, not only does this single image manage to capture and encompass the terrible consequences of the Vietnam war, but also speaks volumes about its two main models, which have more to tell than just what is […]