What Kind of Journalist Am I?

As a journalist, i would say i am most interested in editorial criticism.

What i mean by said term is, if i use football as an example, i don’t particularly enjoy being a play by play or colour commentator, or an interviewer after games, or a pundit. I enjoy the sort of post game, in depth analysis you may find in the sport sections of a reputable newspaper or sports blog.

Reviews is a lot simpler to explain. The internet is flooded by reviewers for everything from food to computer hardware, while there may be many bloggers and vloggers  who create content, very few are unbiased or in depth enough to be called useful. Generally if you google ‘ HP Laptop review’ you come back with a speccy teenager who has no idea how to present the subject or explain its pro’s and con’s in a simple informative way.

Before I supply examples of these it would be appropriate to define my interests as they heavily related to my journalistic style.


The easiest way to explain my largest interest would be that i am a nerd. While i enjoy photography profusely, video games are my real passion. Not only playing varying styles of games, from hugely popular  MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online RPG) like WoW (World of Warcraft) and GW2 (Guild Wars Two) to still very popular but much smaller scale indie games like Bastion and Limbo, and finally RTS ( real time stragedy) games like Starcraft 2 and  my favourite MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) of the moment LoL (League of Legends) .

Its hard to play a game like LoL & Starcraft 2 and not follow their E-sport scene, which is the second of my large interests. While E-sports is starting to grow in the UK, in the US its several steps ahead, with teams of players having their own houses to train, live and work together in, who compete in huge LAN (Local Area Network) tournaments for vast sums of money, the latest grand prize being $2,000,000. While the US is ahead of the UK in South Korea, it has blown out of all proportion, their teams are like popstars in the west, Starcraft 2 and its predecessor Starcraft: Broodwar tournaments are broadcast on national televisionand have been for the past five years. To measure the scale of populartiy here is an example of a comedy routine recommended for all ages in Korea.

My final interest has stemmed from my love of video games, and is computer building. The ability  to build and maintain your own gaming PC and knowing whats gone wrong and how to fix it is majorly satisfying. From that came my love of hardcore, expensive PC parts, and the reviewers who are reliable and informative.

While most of its content is not written in a journalistic style, large amounts of things posted on the website Reddit under the specific ‘sub-reddits’ for LoL and SC2 have many interviews, analytic replays of games or in depth ‘theory-crafting’ of builds and style of play.


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  1. “i would say i am most interested in what i would call Post-Event Journalism, and reviews; as i don’t know the real term for it, Post-Event Journalism will have to do.”

    What you are describing is “editorial criticism”. Critics and reviewers are closely related. The main difference is that critics write from the perspective of their personal opinion (for example, Charlie Brooker and Grade Dent have both written about TV programmes, in the first person) while reviewers write from the perspective of a publication’s opinion (for example, if you wrote a review for Empire magazine, you would write it in the third person as a representative of the magazine itself).

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