Films In the Film Noir genre, much is  debated about what makes a film a ‘Noir’ film. But as states, in a way that many mans of the genre would not disagree: ‘The primary moods of classic Film Noir were melancholy, alienation, bleakness, disillusionment, disenchantment, pessimism, ambiguity, moral corruption, evil, guilt, desperation and paranoia’. […]

Rain was bucketing down from the clouds above, mist and fog spread through the city of Paris, the dark expanses of dirty, cold streets, grey, blank, as if everything had been de-saturated overnight. It was four in the morning, the streets were dead, almost as if the entire population of Paris had gone away for […]

This week was freezing the moment. I chose to use the image of general Nguyen shooting the viet cong as my image as this image is the first thing that comes to mind whenever i think of the vietnam war. As a task i think i could have written more which is why after finishing i decided to add […]

The task this week was to create a timeline of photography from its earliest  primitive ways such as the camera lucida, all the way up to modern day, with several points of our own choice. I decided that calotype and daguerreotype were some of the most important discoveries in photography and also the invention of Photoshop being the last and […]

This week we watched a video about David Hockney’s theory surrounding the camera lucida and camera obscura that led to a revolution in the level of realism that painters brought to their art. When this was released it brought with it alot of conflict as many people felt that they were having their favourite painters insulted […]

I didn’t visit the gallery with the group as i have been in my own time but these are my thoughts on the gallery itself. After hearing from a taxi driver on my way back from a drunken night in town, that the impressions gallery in Bradford was ‘ very much worth a visit mate.’ i somehow […]

This week we started work on our list articles. I knew straight away that i wanted to do something about London as I have a trip planned, and plan to do something about the east end of London, as its received a lot of attention recently due to the Olympics. I didn’t find anything to challenging as I’m starting to get used to WordPress. The Assignment itself was not too much of […]